Monday, May 20, 2013

Run For It!

I have long joked with my husband (the runner) that I am his biggest athletic supporter. Runners speak of finding their strides, being in the zone, pacing themselves, listening to their bodies, and of course fartlek (yes, this is real…aka speed play). All of this is in preparation to toe the line. I have never really felt the pull to run, but somehow this year I experienced a twinge of desire to run the Peachtree. The Peachtree Road Race is an Independence Day 10k tradition where roughly 55 thousand participants go the distance to claim the coveted T shirt. It is the largest 10k in the world. Hey, if I’m going to make my debut why not do it with a bang!!
So, let’s talk training. This is the stuff that you have to do on a regular basis. (Did I just say regular???) This is definitely my biggest challenge…following the training schedule.  This involves regular runs plus “long” runs on the weekend.
I got this. I can do this for 6 weeks, right?
I remember having to run the 600 yard test in PE in junior high. I was always the last one…by far. I crossed the finish line dramatically gasping for air and begging for water.  My face was beet red (an attractive side effect from extreme cardio) and I could not EVER imagine that I would do something like this by choice. They say time heals and that we grow wiser as we age. ..
You might be thinking, “Why didn’t she start her training earlier?”

 There was a smidge of procrastination, but, I discovered I was lacking purpose.
I thought that I could just want to do it and it wasn’t enough. I thought it would be cool to share in Todd’s active lifestyle…still not enough. I envisioned myself to be in better shape and lose a few…nope, not enough.

My parents celebrated 50 years of marriage this week. I have really been thinking about how incredible this is on so many levels. They have traveled. They have 3 awesome kids (and I do mean awesome). They have 11 grandkids and 2 great grands. They are happy.  Now that’s a sweet life.
And then it hits me…I want to celebrate 50 years of marriage with Todd.       

          I will think of this when I don’t feel like going for a run one day.

                   I will think of this when I am fatigued during a run.

                             I will think of this as I start up cardiac hill on July 4th.

 Yep, I am going to run for it J