Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Describing You

What if everyone who knew you had to make a top 10 list of words that described you? What if you had to create that list yourself? Would they be similar? Would you be content with what the world thinks of you? Would you be content with what you think of yourself?

This topic of what others think is a little tricky. Romans 12:2a tells us, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world…” It should not matter what others think of me because the Lord’s thoughts are all that matter… true, very true, but can their view of me inspire me to become more Christ like?

I want to be a reflection of Christ in this world…full of love, compassion, strength, wisdom, humility, joy, kindness, discipline, faith, peace, hope, and patience. These words are certainly on my top 10 “wannabee” list but are these on the actual list???

As I ponder this in my quiet time I read Romans 12:3b, “Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought…” The next words to jump off the page are in verse 10,”Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves.”  This sounds like the Lord is asking me to take on a spirit of…hum…um…um…um…
                There. I said it.
It is a word that I am fairly certain would not show up on any list describing me. I am confident, speak my mind, and have skewed belief that I know more than I really do. I am pretty much the anti-humility.

It is clearly time for an attitude adjustment! #Saywhat !!!! But God created me this way. He does not want me to be someone I’m not. True, but…
         He does want me to grow.
                He is asking me to practice humility.
                        He wants me to be obedient, radically obedient.
How do I know? His word made it clear. Humility is a characteristic of Christ. This morning my study leader, Nicki Koziarz, spoke of the humble act of doing laundry in a fresh and powerful way. Just yesterday I witnessed the humble actions of a strong servant leader at MUST ministries. Having a spirit of humility cannot happen with my sheer will. I need help! Thank God that “I can do everything through him who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13. 

I want to please and honor and praise the Lord! I want the world to know Him better because they see Him in me.  #YesToGod

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

YES: No More Games

I have just started my first online bible study through Proverbs 31 Ministries at .   We are studying What Happens When Women Say Yes to God, by Lysa Terkeurst. Yep, it will just be me and several thousand other Christian women from all over the world trying to gain a better understanding of what it means to say yes…and mean it.

        It is a simple word.
                It is easy to spell.
                        It is easy to say.
…and yet it can be difficult to follow through.

Often times my “yes” is absolute in the beginning. At some point, I manage to downsize it to a “maybe”.  There are so many things to do, places to go, and people to see. Some days I am exhausted and just want to put my “yes” on hold. “No, not today…maybe tomorrow,” I tell myself.

Sometimes my “yes” takes on complexity by adding a stipulation or two. This is the when/then game…when I get my house in order then I’ll serve at the food pantry…when I take a few more bible studies then I will volunteer to help in Sunday school…when I finish running my errands then I’ll have some time to sit and listen to the Lord. The problem with the when/then game is that it is a game of perfection. There must be a perfect “when” to gain a desired “then”.

I am thinking it’s time to stop playing that game…
        especially if I am going to whole heartedly start saying “Yes” to God!

He wants me to be available to Him now. He will meet me where I am and use what I have to offer today. His priority is not my sink full of dishes or how many items are left on my task list. While these things are important, they are not the priority.

 God desires me to be His hands and feet.
         So I lift my hands, palms up, to receive His blessings today.
                And I say, “YES!”

Monday, May 20, 2013

Run For It!

I have long joked with my husband (the runner) that I am his biggest athletic supporter. Runners speak of finding their strides, being in the zone, pacing themselves, listening to their bodies, and of course fartlek (yes, this is real…aka speed play). All of this is in preparation to toe the line. I have never really felt the pull to run, but somehow this year I experienced a twinge of desire to run the Peachtree. The Peachtree Road Race is an Independence Day 10k tradition where roughly 55 thousand participants go the distance to claim the coveted T shirt. It is the largest 10k in the world. Hey, if I’m going to make my debut why not do it with a bang!!
So, let’s talk training. This is the stuff that you have to do on a regular basis. (Did I just say regular???) This is definitely my biggest challenge…following the training schedule.  This involves regular runs plus “long” runs on the weekend.
I got this. I can do this for 6 weeks, right?
I remember having to run the 600 yard test in PE in junior high. I was always the last one…by far. I crossed the finish line dramatically gasping for air and begging for water.  My face was beet red (an attractive side effect from extreme cardio) and I could not EVER imagine that I would do something like this by choice. They say time heals and that we grow wiser as we age. ..
You might be thinking, “Why didn’t she start her training earlier?”

 There was a smidge of procrastination, but, I discovered I was lacking purpose.
I thought that I could just want to do it and it wasn’t enough. I thought it would be cool to share in Todd’s active lifestyle…still not enough. I envisioned myself to be in better shape and lose a few…nope, not enough.

My parents celebrated 50 years of marriage this week. I have really been thinking about how incredible this is on so many levels. They have traveled. They have 3 awesome kids (and I do mean awesome). They have 11 grandkids and 2 great grands. They are happy.  Now that’s a sweet life.
And then it hits me…I want to celebrate 50 years of marriage with Todd.       

          I will think of this when I don’t feel like going for a run one day.

                   I will think of this when I am fatigued during a run.

                             I will think of this as I start up cardiac hill on July 4th.

 Yep, I am going to run for it J

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Jack of all

I am a jack of all trades…master of none. There are times when I embrace this and other times when I struggle.  It takes boodles of discipline to become a master at something. You know… the learning, the practice, more practice, laser focus, and still more practice. It’s pretty much the last three steps that get me every time!

You see, there is so much out there to learn and experience.
           I don’t want to be stuck doing just one thing.
                    So I choose to do many things…whilst leaving perfection completely out of the equation.

Today is the last day in April. I started this blog as ARiskADay project and I have made it to the end of my commitment…a HUGE accomplishment for this Jack! It has been fun to put my thoughts into words. I want to continue blogging but it will now happen in a weekly format.

I took a class in ASL (American Sign Language) this winter and explored the world of blogging in the spring. I must say, I am excited to see what summer will bring!! 

Monday, April 29, 2013

With Perseverance

There is a story about a little boy, Todd, who was born with his legs turned in so badly that his toes on each foot faced each other head on. He had to wear braces until he was 5 to help correct the position of his legs and feet. As you can imagine, he did not walk or run with the ease that other kids experienced. But, this did not slow him down. If anything, it gave him more determination.

Fast forward twenty some-odd years and you find this young man preparing for his first ever 10k. He has come a long way. The only hint today of his early struggles is a slight turn in of the toes. He trains with discipline. He stays the course. He keeps his eyes on the goal. He finishes the 1996 Peachtree Road Race in just over an hour.

This is a huge accomplishment…but only the first of many. ..
          This year he will run his 18th consecutive Peachtree Road Race ...AND
                    He has run in 2 half marathons and 8 full marathons in the past twelve years.

This amazing man is my husband.  We joke because I am his biggest athletic supporter!! He commits his plans to the Lord and then keeps his eyes on Jesus. Solid and steady is a great way to describe him. He inspires me beyond words and loves me beyond measure.

To him I say, “Run, Forrest, run!”

And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith.  Hebrews 12: 1b-2a

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Clover All Over

Several years back my mom gave me a small clover plant in a cute little pot. It had dark purple leaves and delicate light purple flowers. I knew if my lovely plant wanted to stay that way, then I needed to get it in the ground, sooner than later.

You see…I don’t have a green thumb.

The only plants that survive around here are the ones with sheer will and drought tolerance. Seriously, we install only the hardiest plants and even then, some can’t go the distance. But, this little clover plant was special. Not only did it make the adjustment from pot to ground successfully, it began to thrive! It pokes its sleepy little head out of the mulch in early spring and hits the ground running until late fall. It has grown and expanded into a lush bed of purple wonder.

It makes me smile. I thank God, the creator of everything, for my little clover plant.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Earth day is my daughter’s favorite holiday. She readies herself for weeks to live this day as simply as possible. It is a day in which our bellies are filled with wholesome food, our rooms are lit by candlelight, and our feet walk more than normal. Of course there is always an annual, one of a kind tee shirt that she makes. Quite creative, she is.

We do try in many areas to take conscious steps to care for the Earth. We carry cloth bags to the grocery and to the mall. Our recycling can is as big as our trash can and is always heavier to pull to the curb. We have energy efficient appliances and windows and such. We have even switched our Christmas lights to LED lights. I would really like to figure out how to get a few solar panels up on the roof, but that hasn’t happened… yet.

Earth day is a great time to assess what we are doing and where we can make improvements. Something that I have noticed is how much paper we recycle. I will work harder this year to reduce the amount that comes into the house, thus lessening the amount in the recycle bin. I will let you know how I do!!