Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Earth day is my daughter’s favorite holiday. She readies herself for weeks to live this day as simply as possible. It is a day in which our bellies are filled with wholesome food, our rooms are lit by candlelight, and our feet walk more than normal. Of course there is always an annual, one of a kind tee shirt that she makes. Quite creative, she is.

We do try in many areas to take conscious steps to care for the Earth. We carry cloth bags to the grocery and to the mall. Our recycling can is as big as our trash can and is always heavier to pull to the curb. We have energy efficient appliances and windows and such. We have even switched our Christmas lights to LED lights. I would really like to figure out how to get a few solar panels up on the roof, but that hasn’t happened… yet.

Earth day is a great time to assess what we are doing and where we can make improvements. Something that I have noticed is how much paper we recycle. I will work harder this year to reduce the amount that comes into the house, thus lessening the amount in the recycle bin. I will let you know how I do!!

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