Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Understanding Up

I have the pleasure of observing my daughter’s conservatory ballet class this week. She loves to dance. I love to watch her dance. Master Sue is working them diligently to be sure that they are prepared for their upcoming ABT testing. She gives them corrections to apply that will make them better dancers.

Here is one of the most interesting corrections that I heard today.

“You must go down to go up.”

I have heard the expression that what goes up must come down but I have not heard that one must go down to go up. What Master Sue is referring to is the ability to jump.  If you have both of your feet completely down on the floor then you can use that entire surface to press down into the floor for maximum jump in the “up” direction. I am sure that my terminology is all wrong, but you get the pointe.

It is really about setting yourself…making sure that you
          are in the best position
                    to utilize your best potential
                              which will provide the ultimate result.

It sounds like I could stand to apply this correction to my life. Amazing results are what I want in my life. I need to find the best position for me, fully use my potential gifts and then BAM! Watch out!

I’m down with that.

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