Thursday, April 4, 2013


I spent a bit of time today understanding feedburner. There are many functions that it can perform. I really wanted the email subscriptions to have the daily title on them. If I executed the directions correctly, that will successfully happen tonight with this blog post.  I have confidence that all will arrive as it should.

A bonus function that I stumbled upon was automatic posting of a link to twitter. I must admit that I am as new to twitter as I am to blogging! I feel like I am swimming in the middle of the huge sea of social media with a pair of floaties strapped to my arms!!! Where’s the boat??? I guess navigating this ocean at a leisurely pace is a great way to test the waters (yes, doggie paddling in your floaties is a leisurely pace). A boat would surely help me to maneuver this sea with speed and efficiency.

All in good time.

I will continue to explore with the tools that I have…yes; I am referring to the floaties. Is it my tool of choice?  Uh, no… but I am certain that one day soon my ship will come in.

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