Friday, April 5, 2013

Have you met TED?

I met a friend recently named TED. Many of you may know him…well, he’s really not a he…he is an “it”…made up of many he’s and she’s. TED is a series of talks on: Technology, Entertainment, and Design.

I became acquainted with TED while I was searching for topics to keep my brain engaged. As I get older I want to be sure that I continue to learn new things. Truth be told, I have never been much for classroom learning. I am just possibly a wee bit wiggly for traditional learning environments.

But, seriously…  I have not met a TED talk that I didn’t like.

I try to watch one a day. The problem is stopping after just one! Then my gears start turning trying to think of someone to send the recently watched talk. They are entirely too good to keep to myself…share, I must!!

OK, you’re thinking, “So what IS her favorite talk???”
          No can do…uh uh…no way…too many jaw dropping choices!!

I can, however, recommend the playlist: New to TED? (11 talks)                     

Check it out for yourself. You should really meet TED if you haven’t already. 

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