Friday, April 12, 2013

Financial Balancing Act

Financial Peace University
          The title says it all.
                     Life changing …Seriously, life changing.
                              Thank you, Dave.

In our house we treat Dave like he is just one of the family. Of course, I am referring to Dave Ramsey, the author of Financial Peace University. In just nine weeks, we experienced financial freedom, peace and power. Seriously, I kid you not.

We had always been cautious with financial matters and were ready for the next step. Here are a few of the steps that we took to find our peace:

    Don’t spend more than you earn (I know, rocket science it ain’t)

    Consistently work to be completely debt free

    Develop a realistic budget and adhere to it (it’s the last part of this that is a killer some months)

    Establish an emergency fund

    Plan to save for upcoming events like senior year, college, travel, designer handbag, etc.

Dave’s plan set us on a path to financial freedom. It is all about taking little steps now that have a big impact as we travel down the road. I will admit that there are a few things that we don’t do that Dave might frown upon, but all in all, we are better off than before we met Dave.

Are you having a tough time keeping your financial life balanced? It is well worth the investment of time, energy, and money to attend the FPU course. It is life changing …in the good, yet slightly challenging and rewarding sort of way.

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