Monday, April 15, 2013

Getting Warmer

I love warm weather. There is nothing like finding a sunny spot and soaking up the rays…winter, fall, spring or summer. I have, more than once, been referred to as a kitty cat for such behavior.

This is a glorious time of the year because the weather is finally getting warmer. The only thing that distracts from said glorious weather is the blanket of pollen that lays over everything. Seriously, if you laid still for any amount of time you would have a greenish-yellow glow.

Allergy meds are a staple of life when you live in the south. I have found one that works very well for me. It is nice to be able to enjoy this season without investing in tissues! It is nice to sleep through each night without awakening to the onslaught of sneezing and wheezing when a histamine attack occurs. Yes, the pollen is still an unsightly yellow mess, but at least it no longer messes with my head.

So, I say “bring it”. Bring the warm weather whether there is pollen or not. I am ready!

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