Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Clover All Over

Several years back my mom gave me a small clover plant in a cute little pot. It had dark purple leaves and delicate light purple flowers. I knew if my lovely plant wanted to stay that way, then I needed to get it in the ground, sooner than later.

You see…I don’t have a green thumb.

The only plants that survive around here are the ones with sheer will and drought tolerance. Seriously, we install only the hardiest plants and even then, some can’t go the distance. But, this little clover plant was special. Not only did it make the adjustment from pot to ground successfully, it began to thrive! It pokes its sleepy little head out of the mulch in early spring and hits the ground running until late fall. It has grown and expanded into a lush bed of purple wonder.

It makes me smile. I thank God, the creator of everything, for my little clover plant.

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